Guild Premades that aren’t Mine

I really dislike phasing into a dungeon that is a pre made guild group looking to do achievements, a mount run, etc. I got into a ZG today and they said “we’re only here for the mount”. I wasn’t aware that the panther boss had a mount, the chance is so so low I forgot. Anyway after they killed her and it did not drop, they all left. I guess they warned me, but why don’t people bring a full group when doing events like that? I wasn’t going to NOT roll if the panther dropped, and I’m pretty sure you can’t kick someone right after battle or during a loot roll. And telling me “we’re here for the mount” doesn’t force me to agree with any “loot rules”. At least, I don’t think so.

Had a terrible end boss Jin’do earlier where basically the dps, despite repeatedly being told what to do by the tank and I, died to Shadows of Hakaar over and over, the dps died and refused to rez and run back in, no one stood on the chains, etc. After about the 5th wipe I just left. I was pretty snotty that run too I half expected to get kicked.

Did a Stonecore where the group was all dead on the dragon boss, we did fine until the tank pulled a mess and we died. I got “wake up healer” and one dps left, then everyone left. Ugh.

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