We raided last night, but Scuba did not show up, and that new paladin, Trance, appears to have server transferred. Nytok came again to heal, which was just lovely, but for some confusing reason we brought a guild shaman named Smoltinator. We did not need to three heal anything. The shaman was missing 7 enchants, and had a rather confusing array of gems, some int+spirit, some pure crit, some int+crit, some int+haste.

We tried heroic Zon’ozz but that went poorly for many reasons, one of which was the new shaman dispelling before people were out and getting others killed. We tried it on normal and they apparently decided to not dispel AT ALL (I had 100% dispels) with our good druid going dps (yes dps) and it brought me to my knees in mana even with shadowfiend and using the Heart of Unliving trinket. I had 27k hps plus 100% dispels, and for the first time in ages had to pop Divine Hymn on NORMAL Zon’ozz.

We tried heroic Yor’sahj but that went even worse. Even though we had 3 healers I was assigned to heal the tank, Cinor, plus myself and 2 dps. The mana ball wasn’t being handled properly so I lost Cinor more than once simply being out of mana, and once or twice when he disconnected. Lila also disconnected at least once, and we ended up doing that on normal. I got Insignia of the Corrupted Mind which no one wanted. I may go shadow again in MoP while questing or something.

We did Ultraxion on normal and the new shaman died twice, and then Rayzo and Jynx had to go before boat, so once again not even a full clear. I think I’m done raiding.

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