Finally removed that Subzero pally from my real id today. I never got a message anything other than “come heal this for me” with varying levels of impatience including phrases like “plz I dont have all day”. Today it was “hey are you running dungeons can I come and dps I need BOA gear for a new char I wanna make”. I said I was already running one to play with a new spec. He asked which spec and I said “atonement” . On the healing forums saying “atonement” is understood to mean disc with evangelism/archangel/atonement.

He informed me that priests have “disc, holy and shadow” and not a 4th spec called that. I said I know that. I was still in the same dungeon I was when he originally asked for a run, so he said I “was funny” and asked for a run again. I was like holy shit dude I am STILL in a dungeon. He was like “well ok after than plz I need JP”. So I removed him. I don’t play that.

I’ve been running the original cata dungeons for the stories it brings but gosh, it’s been so bad in some cases I just leave. I had a SFK where the dps was so slow I was in my add on menus tweaking stuff for like 5 mins at a time before anything got killed. I left that halfway through. Even me doing like 10k dps wasn’t making it go any faster. I had a really terrible BRC which I wrote about here which I left after Karsh. I wonder how discouraged people get when they don’t get a heroic geared healer carrying them along.

Anyway let’s see, Karma asked me to run 2’s with him but I said first he would have to give me a really hard time in a duel before I did that. He asked why and I said if you can’t put pressure on me I don’t want to do arena. I don’t need to and I don’t want to if it’s gonna be a pain.

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