Don’t be a Brat

Last night I ran a few old dungeons and had an AMAZING tank who spoke English from GOLDRINN. Couldn’t believe it.  We ran through every thing like CRAZY.

Jan asked me to do bgs so I dropped that group to do it, we had Wrathofgod again and some Bubbledin paladin, which I think we had before.  Some paladin always “claims” healing Wrath like they are dating or something.  We did an AB against what they called a 15 man premade (which I didn’t think you could do outside of RBGs?) with 5 rogues but we smoked them anyway.  Rogues were bad, imo.  Anyway I was at farm and the paladin told me I could leave.  I was like “I could” and didn’t leave.  I had just done my best to keep 4 dps from capping the farm flag, YOU fuck off and go somewhere else.

Then I got this compliment in a WSG.  That warrior basically stood there and watched those 3 horde beat on me for like 5 minutes, while he was busy killing the DKs GHOUL.  Kid you not.


We won all 3 or… 4 we did, I lost track.

While I was waiting on this group someone named Dirtypally asked me to do 3’s with a double ret team.  I was afk for a few minutes when I got that message and I got “I guess that’s a no”.

I really hate that, don’t be a brat?  I was afk and couldn’t respond right away.

Then while I was doing the bgs I got “I know you are bging but could we do 3’s I gotta go to bed early”.  Again, brat much?  This is on par with “I don’t have all day”.  In other words “I need a favor from you, and drop whatever you are doing and be quick about it”.  Yeah, no.  I can only imagine the raging in 3’s if we lost from someone with this much “patience”.

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