Can’t Standya

We did 8/8 DS last night on my pally and, I’m sorry I’m not joining a group with Bella again. I’m not.

He’s still using the talent points I use for pvp, so losing out on Train of Thought. He replaced all the purified demonseyes with the epic version of the same thing, purified shadow spinel. He still has only 2/4 tier in the LFR version and did not even roll on the hands that I won. I meant to give them to him after I won a 403 pair of gloves since I was 5/5 tier but he logged too fast.

And he replaced Insignia of the Corrupted Mind, which has a lot of int but “on dps” proc with Bottled Wishes, which has static haste (bad for healers) and on use SPELLPOWER. SO FUCKING FAIL I CAN’T STAND IT.

This is in addition to the other fails like using that poison dagger from DW and having to be TOLD to roll on Vagaries a few raids ago, me having to tell him 2-3 times to get the red buff on Ultraxion and still only doing 15k hps (my priest can hit 30k with it easy), etc etc.

Then last night I focus’d him because I often had to pump out 20k hps, and I did not see his target change from Kayoni, like, ever. He kept using greater heal on her whether she needed it or not, never healing anyone else unless it was “splash heals” from PoH or PoM.

I won maw of the dragonlord which Bella only rolled on belatedly, 403 plate gloves, and the gloves tier token.

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