Maybe you should GO

Our normal raid, siiiiiiiiiigh. We brought a terrible resto druid, and I solo healed my side of heroic Morchok. The first attempt went bad when Shift was left to solo heal his side and I had the bad druid, and Scuba didn’t go heals. Shift said it was because people were “doing things wrong” though.

Heroic Vagaries of Time dropped and I beat the bad druid on it. That is good because my rage would have rivaled the power of the sun itself if he had won it. The bad druid was Healzonwhelz.

Anyway I did 50% of the healing with 3 healers basically all the fights up to Ultraxion, where Shift threw a fit and left and we got that Albrightd paladin who was good. He said something about “of course you have top heals because of your gear” and I said I’d be top heals in normal gear and I’m only assuming he got upset. But he was often doing like 10k hps so whatever.

Sealan later reviewed Shifts spec and said some things were wrong, he was missing head/shoulder enchant, but said he should really be doing more healing than he is in that gear. I mentioned it in guild the next day and Scuba said “maybe he just doesn’t care”. Maybe, but I’m not raiding with people that don’t care enough to be good. You want to be bad, go do LFR.

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