It Doesn’t Always Go My Way

My ‘bat man-ing’ doesn’t always go so well some days.  I cleared a hunter out that was wrecking Lor’danel, helped beat 3-4 horde bothering Goldshire, but it went a little south after that.

I ran into a warrior and hunter in Darnassus who rolled me repeatedly.  I paired up with a pve geared hunter and he claimed to have cleared them out but they just either, kept returning quickly or just didn’t die.  I saw him kill the other hunter once though.  I had to give up and leave though, I couldn’t take them together.

Then out in Lakeshire, another spriest and enhance shaman, yeah nope.  Double damage and off heals, had to call that one off too.  I have yet to add any similar minded Alliance to my friends list either, though I added a horde warlock I killed twice, who was in Evil Heart.

Oh speaking of, I left Evil Heart on all my chars.  Sealgaer left a while back, but I cancelled my account and I wasn’t doing anything with the guild anyway.  I have about 20 days left of paid time.

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