Paying for Challenge Modes

I decided to pay some people to run me through the last 6 CM’s I need for the mount and transmog set.  I should have gotten that ages ago, but when we had a guild group capable of doing it, the twins (Silly and Duriel) decided to replace all of us.  Without telling us.

Anyway, I’m wearing nothing but prideful shadow gear at the moment so I’ve been banging out dungeons trying to get justice to replace my trinkets to start with.  I remember why I stopped doing pve.

First dungeon, panda tank is upset the paladin is tanking just fine.  Doesn’t do any dps the entire run.  Says he’s contributing his personality.  I reply “oh, so is that what you call being an asshole?”

Next dungeon, boomy goes afk after the first boss.  Try to kick, can’t, 2 mins left.  1 minute left.  Try to kick, it fails but everyone swears they didn’t select no.  Druid goes offline.  Try to kick, 2 mins left.  Siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

So basically 2 dungeons in a row 4 manning it.  Yes, I know, it’s faceroll.  But help out, or GTFO.  That’s my motto.

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