Day 1

After selecting a human female mystic, who was displayed in pretty blue robes [1], I start out in a white shirt and mini skirt in the Einhasad School of Magic.  The first announcement directs me to the official forums poll about what to do about banned clan leaders.  Curious! This must be a real problem.  I get to level 1 in a single mob. Level 3 in a few more.

The Newbie Helper doesn’t outwardly display a quest [2], but he has one nonetheless. It’s not in the quest list either. I get it done anyway and choose to stay on Talking Island. I get level 4 by clearing out the remaining goblins.

Curiously enough when I swim, even with my head above water, I still lose breath gauge [3].

I attack a Giant Toad on the way to the village and two aggro me and I’m half health before getting off a second shot.  I run.



The frogs follow me all the way down the road. Past the guards [4].


And all the way to the other side of the village before they give up. No guard or NPC assists.


The Newbie Guide informs me I cannot have helpful magic until level 6. He gives me 100 spirit shot and 2 recovery scrolls though. I do not see any other players so I head out and get level 6 on some Keltirs. I pick up some Pants from drops only now, since all drops from mobs fall on the ground!, however I cast REALLY slow [5].  I put my stockings back on. I get a Tunic which I can use.


Sometimes I receive little jars that help my HP/MP or other stats. These are calls herbs [6].


I hit level 6.  Other than some NPC white chat, the only other chat I can observe is a lot of blue smack talking. I can get a whole slew of newbie buffs, and a weapon coupon.  The Newbie Guide is not very forgiving and tells me if I lose it I am completely out of luck.

I see my first live player!


She runs to the guard and gets killed.  What’s that about? [7]



1.  The robes are Blue Wolf which is B grade, obtainable at level 52.
2. Quest NPCs do not show up on the map, but will have an exclamation point on them if the quest is available.  Turn-in NPCs do not have markers.
3. If you are in water, you can lose breath gauge, then start losing health, and can die. Doesn’t matter if your head is above water.
4.  Guards only attack red (PK) players, not mobs., not purple (PVP flagged) players.
5.  If you use armor/weapons you do not have expertise in, you suffer speed or other penalties.
6.  Herbs drop from some mobs and work like HP/MP potions, or buff scrolls temporarily.
7.  This person is delevelling, when you die you lose exp and can lose entire levels this way.  People do this on purpose to stay within a desired level range to farm something, as drops decrease greatly or stop altogether if you are too high for a mob.

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