Hm where to go

I see another live player, a dark elf named mageless.  I cannot tell her level, HP, MP,  buffs, or equipment other than by visual observation on the gear.

I get a new weapon with my shadow coupon, only one choice for a mage. The Newbie Guide points me to a quest like it or not. Captain Gilbert tells me to kill orcs.  I oblige him. Only, I do not know where the orcs are, there is no quest marker that I can tell.


I get 5 orc amulets, no necklaces, and no fangs in the time it takes to get level 7, which directs me back to the village to learn skills. My dwarven friend is still dying on the guards.

By chance I talk to Gilbert and he gives me my reward even though I have clearly not finished my task.  That’s ok though.

I go to the Temple and attempt to learn some skills, only I have 517 SP at this point in time. I decide to pick up a Wind Strike and Ice Bolt, since I already have buffs and could otherwise only afford 1 skill.  Now I am out of SP. The game tells me I’ve been playing for an extended amount of time so I take a break.

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