Newbie Guides

I am at a loss of where to go so I again talk to the Newbie Guide and boom level 7 to 10 right then.  I also receive around 1500 sp so I can buy more skills. I learn Armor Mastery, Weapon Mastery, another Wind Strike and Ice bolt before I am out of SP again. I am directed back to the starting location as well.

The spiritshots, by the way, can be put on the bar and right clicked to activate automatically which turns off at log out.

The frogs give me little trouble on the way back. There is no global cool down on skills, each have individual timers. This quest also has no markers so I really have no idea where to go. The quest says the guards in the village can tell me where to go. I talk to all the guards but none of them say anything about spirits. I shout asking for help but there is no reply. Presumably if I didn’t actually know where they were, I’d be forced to wander randomly around looking for them. Lucky for me though I do know where they are.


I equip the wand and nuke it, oh no! No quest item, the hell? Well, it does say hit them, so I supposed I can melee as a mage still. Now I just have to wait out the respawn from my mistake. The wand itself does very little damage and I’m at risk of dying before it dies, so after the first hit I nuke it down and get the quest item. Repeat for the other two.

12noob 10noob

During all this I ran past the Singing Waterfall, which does not appear to sing in any sort of fashion, however if I crank up my sounds I think maybe, maybe I hear something.


Unfortunately for me however, I went over a small cliff near the spiders and with no visible way to get back up, I went for a swim. I died rather quickly.


There are no corpse runs, I respawn back in town. Fortunately Gatekeeper Roxxy gives free teleports.

I was left at the opposite side of the island at the last mirror so I use an adventurers scroll of escape to get back to town. I hate walking.


Speaking of, someone really should turn around the School of Magic so I don’t have to run all the way around it to get in.

Anyway I get a bunch more shots, echo crystals that play music and a wand, oh and more money that I currently had earned (12k at date) so far.  The wand is nowhere near as good as my shadow weapon so I don’t bother with it.  I ding level 11, almost 12.  I am still running around in starter gear minus that one Tunic upgrade I got however.

My inventory is depressingly full of empty slots.


Back in town at the Newbie Guide, I get level 15.  I still haven’t seen any other players. I am up to 12k sp so I pick up my remaining Wind Strikes, Ice Bolts, Vampiric Touch, Weapon and Armor Masteries, Shield, Might, and two Heals before I am out again.

The Newbie Guide said to speak to Elias and I get another quest. Then I spot an odd fellow!  I say hello, but there is no reply.  That’s ok I remember where the spiders are for the quest.


It appears that randomly my automated shots must be turned back on for some reason.  The quest says to bring back the poison sacs of “many spiders” but, how many is that? Turns out it’s just one.


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