Quest Rewards Don’t Always Make Sense

It should be noted that the NPCs that have quests have exclamation points over there head, but it does not show up on the map, and the turn-in npc has no indicator unless the quest is opened and Location is checked.

Turned in that quest and received a round shield, exp and sp. My shadow weapon is a two hander so I cannot equip it. Back at the Newbie Guide, I boost to level 18.

Then I receive a message from Captain Bathis from Gludio Castle town!  I love NPC interaction!


Seeing that I am still in mostly starter gear at 18 I check with the guide who says I should be in devotion. Fortunately getting to this point in starter gear has not been a problem. I have 82k now  but after selling 2 pairs of pants, the round shield and wand of adept I have 95k.  Left to my name are 500 no grade spirit shots, over 6k  spiritshot for beginners, a single animal bone, echo crystals and other newbie gifts.

I can trade my Tunic up to a Ferotic Tunic for 2,511 adena, or buy one outright for 2,244 so the exchange doesn’t seem like a very good deal.  I pick up the devotion robe set, which requires a leather helmet for the set bonus for 39,828 total. Now I’m cooking with gas!


The Newbie guide tells me to speak with Biotin who tells me to head to Gludin for my class change of either Wizard or Cleric.

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