Day 2

Day 2:

At Gludin I find both the Newbie Guide and the Adventurer Guildsman in the center of the plaza not far off from the Gatekeeper.


Between this two NPCs I find that if I want to be a cleric or wizard I’ll need to go to the temple.  There I speak with Parina and she arranges the wizard class change it seems. She says I need to visit the Flame Spirit in the Ruins of Despair. The quest itself however calls it a fire spirit salamander.

I bounce from Gludin to Gludio to Ruins of Despair via the gatekeepers which are blessedly free. Luckily I get both a pointer and a map marker for my fire spirit. It is during this time I find out, since the mobs here are yellow/pink to me at 18, that the glowing ball I have also heals me.


Some of the mobs sometimes shield/bubble and I cannot damage them until it wears off.


Sadly that ball proves no match for the monsters in the area.


I remember to drop the 100 Lesser Healing Potions on my bar. Fortunately for me, the gear does not have any durability to be lost.

(even with my veteran savvy I still die a couple of times trying to clear the path to safely talk to the salamander)


Alas my Shadow Item vanishes and I do not have another, so I must return to town to pick up a second one. I probably should have exchanged all the coupons at once now that I think about it.

I catch a nice shot of the Ruins of Despair though my glow ball doesn’t hide for the picture.


Next step is to find the Wind Sylph, again marked on the map with a pointer.


She makes kissy faces!  She sends me to find a lizard, who is through  RED mobs! Their aggro range is not exceptional but like regular mobs, they give chase for quite a long period of time and do not “snap” back to their starting zones immediately after dropping the chase. On the other hand I discover HP pots are spammable.

Besides that I find the Wasteland Lizardman with not much trouble. Apparenly the lizardMAN is busy laying eggs out here.  Huh!


I cannot tell from looking at the mobs, which are passive or aggro. The Water Undine does not turn to speak to me, much like the other elementals.


I complete her pebble request quickly. She says to go to the Ruins of Agony to meet the Earth Snake. That is fortunately not too far from my current location. I’d kill for a mount though.


Since I know death brings me back to town and I’d have to run out to wherever I was again, I just die and teleport back to Gludin. During that I discover that I lose roughly 7% exp on death.

Still, asking speaking to Parina again I boost up to level 20 and then some, and class change to Human Wizard.


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