Now What?

Still in the Gludio Temple I talk to a Magister to learn skills.  I have about 82,000 sp and a huge list of possible skills to learn.  A few clearly seem like a waste of time, such as Boost Mana which gives a whole 30 extra MP.  Really? 30? One spell is nearly that. Still, even noobishly picking up EVERY skill I still have SP to spare.

Now I just bought devotion robes and still have over 5k no grade soulshots, but the coupons I just got are for D grade.  Before that, I get my Magic Accessory Exchange Coupon which I exchange for the only item available in the list.  Seems like an unnecessary extra step?

Anyway I get my Staff of Magic, and cannot use all my spiritshots because it doesn’t match the weapons grade. The shops only seem to carry no grade shops.  So then what?


I am still faced with a screen full of NPC text and no players talking, and only see maybe one person in Gludin.  I go back to Gludio.

There are a few more players here, and one shop selling “DSS” which do not match the spiritshots I was using. The text on the regular shots inform me it’s for magic damage, unfortunately the newbie shots give no indication of their use. There are no other shops in that entire town.

The Tunic of Knowledge seems like a good bet but it’s more money than I have. And that’s just for the tunic, not the stockings, new boots (because I have none), gloves (because I have none) or shirt (because I don’t have any).


The lowest D grade gear will run be about 250k, I have 142,779.  I clearly must get more money.

Quests seem like they would be the way to go but again, no markers on the map showing available quests. I run around town but I do not see anyone offering anything. Oh wait no! Guard Babenco has a quest!  It doesn’t appear to offer any money at all, though.


I shout asking for advice on money making quests but get no reply. I pick up the lizardman quest and start killing. They are yellow to me or white but I have little trouble killing them in one shot. I see to get an average of around 120 adena a mob, which means I only need around 900 mobs to get my gear.  Um, only.


I get 8 Black Necklaces after killing around 25 mobs and return to Bathis only to be told I need to return with 100 red and 100 black! Ai ya!

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