Day 3

At the rate I am getting these items I am thinking this quest is not very productive, for no immediate adena reward.  I head back to the Armor Shop where I notice the extra categories for “Buy basic equipment for Warriors” and another for “Buy Wizard Common Items”.  Whatever that is.

Common items appear to be “greys” that are much more reasonably priced, 2,525 for a bronze helm rather than 48,000!  I JUST bought the devotion robes so I will buy my missing pieces this way. Total price for boots, gloves and helm is 5,899 rather than  94,125.  Of course too late I realize that new helm will break my set bonus so I stick with the old one. Now I’m looking a little better.


In about 30 mins of non stop killing, I earn 48/100 black necklaces and 18/100 red necklaces, at a pace that can only be considered “suckish”.  I hit level 21.


Chat is still filled with those annoying preachers and oracles talking and occasionally spam about a castle.  I go to see this castle!  No one home?


I watch another person repeatedly die on the guards.  Honestly what is that about?


I roam around this time finding Guard Curtis with a quest that lists the reward as adena, even though it’s “undecided”.  I also discover that I can /target (name) something and target it again, or hit an attack skill and I’ll run to wherever it is.  That’s handy.

I get an anatomy diagram, which doesn’t appear to serve any purpose. I can’t equip or use it.


My shadow item has disappeared but I wisely traded in all my tickets at once for more.  I wonder what will happen when they all wear out though. The quest sends me to Ruins of Despair or Agony but I will go to Agony since Despair gave me a number of deaths a bit ago.


I am no longer one shotting all the mobs.  I notice I do not appear to have any shielding abilities either. I’ve seen no food or drink, or mp pots but so far mp has not been an issue.

And I am glowing pink in the head/chest region!


I find a friend! We party 😀



Then there’s the obligatory a/s/l check.  He’s 19 from Greece.  I lie about my age because I’m effecting my speech of that of a 13 year old and say I’m from the USA.  I hit 22.


Alas I die and my pal disperses the party immediately after :/

Still after about 60% of a level I have a good amount of body parts. Eww.  I do not see that person again.

HP herb drops seem much more prevalent than MP ones. I do notice if a mob runs behind me and I attack again, I turn in that direction automatically, which is good, because I can’t seem to keyboard or mouse turn.

I try to open a chest and it attacks me!


I hit 23 and I’m at 168,770 adena. I have not received a single weapon or armor drop since that tunic around level 2.  I take inventory, I have 1 suede, 1 stem, 1 charcoal, 6 animal bones, 2 animal skins, 4 varnish, 2 coal, 1 thread and a recipe for a blue diamond necklace, and greater compressed D soul shots oh and a leather glove lining.  In 23 levels. All those materials net me 4,365 if I were to sell but I only sell the recipes and the glove lining.  I am 2,865 richer. It appears a shadow staff of mana is around 47k but the normal version if a whopping 600k+!!!  I am still at 171,691 adena! ><

I turn in over a full levels worth of farmed items to Samed and receive 3,755. Then if things couldn’t get any worse, my shadow jewelry all expired.  The trainers say I do not have any more skills to learn until 25.

A similar set of jewelry would set me back 120,750.  A common set is only 6,700 so I get that.

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