What’s this thing?

I look back at my existing skills and I have a few summons but I lack the crystals to cast them.

But then! A fearsome being enters town and activity picks up!


This one also attacks the guards only they die, rather than the other way around.


I decide to go to Dion where I find three shops, all selling shots.  The only spiritshots are blessed and they cost 59 adena each. My staff takes 2 at a time.  I will get some and see how that works out.

A guy named CollieBudz asked my level but the answer must not be pleasing because the reply is “damn nvm”.

I start killing dark red to light red mobs with my new magical shots and they die with not much effort.  Their drops are considerably more in the range of 300-500+ adena which will easily cover the shots cost of around 200 per cast. Though I must take into account that these mobs bubble at every opportunity and waste my mp and shots.

Green mobs on the other hand, only drop around 120-180 adena and are not that great of a deal.

Then I see a field glittering with money! I pick it up, straight away!


I trek around Dion town area, eventually hitting 24.  Before I log out for a while someone named ownzzz asked my level (still curious this isn’t visibly displayed for all to see?) and if I want to exp.  No, I am about to take a break.  Then they ask if I want clan, sure, why not.  I cannot look up where they are, their clan from where I stand. They ask me to go to Schuttgart. After I do so, they say they are under a penalty and cannot invite.  Good thing ports are free or I’d be upset.

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