Day 4

I log in, pick up a quest from Guard Harlan who wants 180 items to help him out.  I guess no one does things in little steps here. Then I get a message from Furrious about the clan from yesterday shortly after, who says they will come to invite me.


I have finally tweaked my settings to take better shots too.


The clan is at war, and has the Heavy Metal Hall CH and an impressive level 9.  That’s some luck!  They even say they will help me get some decent gear. Obviously between you me and the floor this is just for clan points and then I’m out on my ass but hey whatever. 😉

I start plugging away on my quest, noting with increasing annoyance the frequence of that bubble, waster of MP and shots (if I could afford them).


I also ran out of MP for one of the first time and sat down for roughly 7 mins to get it all back. Clan chat is lively though. I asked what quests are good at my level for money and they inform me that Furrious knows everything.  He says he doesn’t think there are any good quests in l2 about adena.


I laugh to myself because I know he is in fact correct.

Failing getting any MP herb drops, which seem to be rare, I have to sit every few minutes it seems.

Then ownzzz asked me to do a Kamaloka, which I honestly have never done before. Apparently this one involved hitting on one mob for like 30 minutes while it does nothing special.  My mp is a real problem and my pal informs me there are no mp drinks or pots, only elixirs which I likely cannot afford. I try my poison on it but that dot is always resisted.


I mention that a wizard is not so good for this area. He agrees. Apparently this is pretty boring because he says if not for the stun, you could go afk during this whole thing. XD I like this guy.


I ding 26. The darn thing drops only 15 piece bone breastplate fragments, I mean REALLY? That’s very /gm stems? *  It was 628, 532 exp and 34,362 sp.

Now even the magisters in the temple will not help me out unless I go to a human one. Of course, they don’t actually say that which I imagine could be confusing. I have 103k sp at this point and 176k adena.  This is sufficient to pick up all skills save 2. I take a break.

*  My first ever raid back in C2 involved 3 groups killing a boss out in HV which resulted in a drop of like 273 STEMS.  We use to joke the drops were so terrible we should gm about it, so the joke was, whenever we got terrible drops just /gm 273 stem?

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