Day 5

Day 5:

I decide to go finish my quest for Harlan, of course I am only halfway through. Only a few items in I get a pm from Furrious saying it’s time for my gear and to come to clan hall.  I cheat here because I remember the Heavy Metal hall is in Schuttgart from having it on the C5 PTS.  Anyway!


We go do The Leader and the Follower.


Assuming this person has no idea who I “am” (so to speak. ha ha) and even considering the clan points I will bring them when I graduate, being run through this quest so quickly is still remarkably kind, IMO.  I am impressed!

After I get my armor he calls me to the clan hall.  He says the clan spoiler is coming “like santa” who gives me a +7 Staff of Life and  a full set of elven jewelry with the necklace +3.   That is quite amazingly generous!  (I realize at this stage in the game, players of that level, this is a drop in a bucket to them but the open beta in me still can appreciate what this would mean to a true new player)


I am looking good!  I also find out they have Schuttgart Castle. Having all my gear supplied for me opens up my adena for consumables such as shots as well. I am also asked to let him know when I hit 40.


I am around 190k adena and the mobs are still annoyingly doing the bubble as much as they can. I really don’t see the purpose of that.


I hit 27.  Furrious tells me to always take blessing of protection and I ask if PK is a problem.  He says he doesn’t think so, but fairly warned I take it.


There are no spiritshots (sps) in Dion and decide to try the next town over, Giran.  I do not see any here either. This is also where I am finding new shops, the yellow buy shops where people are buying the things they need. I also locate the more yellow shops called Private Creation where I can craft things, apparently.


Only one shop appears to make the shots I need.  Crafting 2,500 shots sets me back to 86k adena but well, we’ll see how that goes.


Now I find I am overweight!  Nearby is a warehouse keeper and I find a place to put my stuff, solving my little fatness problem.


I go back to Dion and call out for anyone to do a kama, no luck so I move to Gludio where I pick up level 28 Kakauk. We try the level 26 kama. We fail and get nothing for like 2k shots. Oh well. That fight was just tank and spank with an add that showed up now and again. We lost with a sliver of hp left on it.


Later this same day while about to call people to do another kama I run into BlazinScavy and BuffToy who ask me to do a 33 kama, only I am 27 and not within range.  They say they will level me fast and we head out to Giran then Hardin’s Academy. This is, very very nice.


During this I find out Blazin started in C3 but says his characters were deleted.  When I ask how that occured he said he played on another server and then it went away.  I told him the servers were merged, so he logged and he found his characters on Phoenix.

It is decided that we do a raid instead.


It dropped a BEAD and a Brigadine Helmet. No adena, what is up with that?  As if I’m not broke enough. Then Furrious PM’s and asks how I’m doing and I explain about the raids.  I can’t recall if raids ever dropped adena so I ask if they do and he says they do not.  Crazyness. I hit 28.

Then we go do another. In the meantime he says he plays this game because of friends and the lore.  I am amazed anyone would say they are interested in the lore, to be quite honest. He says he’s hoping they are trying to make it better.  I wish this game had a /pat emote. He says he is also from Greece, like my first party encounter.


I hit 29. We do another, it drops  BEAC, plate boots, and 20 Glaive Edges. I do not know what the loot rules are.


While waiting around someone asks if the “pay to skip the 2nd class change quest” quest is real, I say yes.  Several people say they like doing 2nd class change quests.  I am clearly in a party with insane people. We have a male kamael in party, and I note that since the kamael came out, apparently their voice files have not been improved and they still sound like they were recorded in someones basement hallway toilet.

We do another, which drops nothing.  I hit level 30. Not paying attention to my sp I learn skills in the wrong order and run out before I can fully upgrade my main nuke. It’s late, I log out for the day.


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