Day 6

Day 6:

Apparently the market is quite fickle and today, unlike yesterday, three shops in Dion are selling D bsps.  Of course I went through every last one yesterday and didn’t make a dime, other than the trip through Dragon Valley so that was problematic. Buying another 1,000 set me back to only 27,846. I recall seeing BuffToy with a kookaburra and decide to go get one. I learned also they come from the pet manager in Gludio.

Of course, the system tells me I cannot teleport to a village that is in siege.  That is inconvenient! Why, I’ve had free ports everywhere until now!  I set off walking.






Pet Manager Lundy says he needs a work hammer! Unfortunately that sells for 393,750 and I really doubt I’ve made that much money in total since level 1.  That is out of the question. I try to go back to Dion and it is in siege also! I try Giran, also in siege. Did I mention I hate walking?  I went to Oren instead. Then I tried to port to Hardin’s, since we went there yesterday, also shows in siege.  I start walking back.


I recall one in my party yesterday saying the adena drops in Dragon Valley have been boosted a lot, so it is a good place to gather money.  I keep on walking.


Halfway back I spot the mobs we were on before and decide to test out their adena manufacturing abilities. They are dark red but still only 2 shot with my shots, and drop around 500-1200 adena. Only… not EVERY time.  I discover the only way to find if something is aggro or not, is to test them!


Assuming I am using 4-6 shots per kill and roughly 236 to 354 adena, I am making a little profit.  But without the shots, I couldn’t hunt here safely at all. And since chests always seem to attack anyway, I decide to try to attack one first. One just explodes! Then another. And yet another. Then one attacks me, I kill it, and get nothing.  I think perhaps they mislabeled these chests with the word treasure.

And just a bit of random trivia, what was this raid bosses original name?  (Rinoket)


Working my way back to Giran I earn 50% of a level and up to 45k adena now. The unnecessary mobs bubbling continues as well. One thing I have noticed though, is that I have not received a single armor, jewelry, or weapon drop since my tunic drop back in the starting village.  That seems broken?  No drops in nearly 25 levels?  I hit level 31. I go to Giran and learn some more skills and take a break.


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