Day 7

Day 7:

I start plugging away around Dragon Valley again.  I am up to 74k adena but almost out of shots. I run out after earning another 10k adena. Taking advantage of free ports, I decide to travel around and see if I can perhaps find another lazy player not picking up their drops.


Then I spot an odd creature that says it’s hungry and wants items to eat.  I cautiously toss some arrows its way and it comes closer to the safety of the road. I throw about 10 down and it keeps saying yum yum yum.



It doesn’t appear to do anything after that so I give it a wack, it doesn’t attack back.


Unfortunately I do little damage to it. I try poison but it resists. Looks like I will not be able to kill it.  I move along.

I head back to Dion where I see a shop selling +4 elven jewelry for nearly 4 MILLION adena.  I feel weak just thinking about that amount. I buy more shots which puts me back at 25k adena, again. I go back to finishing the Fantasy Wine quest, only the mobs are dark blue and they drop nothing at all other than herbs here and there. I turn off my shots.

That quest took at least an hour total.  It gave me no adena, no exp, and a 60 year old bottle of wine.  I cannot use it, drink it, equip it.


I take it to a shop and try to sell it, it goes for 15,450, which I could have earned from around 20 mobs in Dragon Valley. I try not to cry. I am up to 41k adena. I turn around and see Maria with a quest that I pick up.  It tells me to go to Floran village.  There are no ports there?


I head over and start on the quest.


At one point I try to nuke and get this bizzare little message. Should I go take a nap then?


I hit 32.


I take a trip back to Captain Alex after gathering about 27 items total.  One of the options is to say, one does not need a reward for these actions but I am broke so I pick the unnecessarily sarcastic “we’ll try to not spend it all in one place ha ha!” even though it’s just me. I receive 2,700 adena which again, is about 2 mobs in Dragon Valley.  Oh and no exp.  What gives with these quests?

Speaking of I go back to Dion and pick up a quest from Swan which earns me no exp, no sp, but 10,000 adena and some music thing. Apparently this quest is repeatable! Still, it seems grinding mobs would be far faster, and would also earn exp and sp at the same time. I’m up to about 90k now.

I get in on another kama and Th3lma tells me to make sure I have HP and MP pots. MP pots are 4,420 adena and I quite honestly cannot afford that. The other player is Louis3.



This boss is a slightly more exciting version of tank and spank because it appears to randomly ignore the tank, run and hit someone, then stands buffing some kind of thing a few times.  I gain 75% of a level, it drops 2 pairs of Reinforced Leather Gloves, one of which I get, and 34 enchant armor D.  Before I can ask looting rules Th3lma very nicely splits the scrolls between the three of us.  I get 11.  I check another shop in Dion and they are selling the scrolls for 25,000 each, so even if I sell at 20,000 I’ll make 220,000 adena.  Not bad! I mean, not bad considering I still cannot have afforded armor, jewelry, nor weapons without my clans help. Not bad as in better than nothing.

These kamas seem to be an expensive outing though, between shots everyone spams and the various pots.

I head to Breka orcs for the last % and hit 33. During that I run many tests on the Treasure Chests and discover they are totally a waste of time.  They drop nothing 90% of the time and sometimes drop a fraction of adena mobs would drop, and explode and attack more often than anything.

I set up shop with EAD’s and take a break.


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