Battle Kitty Button Bloat

I geared out my feral spec in full prideful (4th set so far this season, ugh!) and I’m trying to learn the rotation.  The problem I’m having currently is massive button bloat.


Usually I work a class around what I spam hit, what I use on a proc, what I use while moving, have to use while stopped, hit often but not too much, hit infrequently etc but currently that doesn’t seem to work with a druid.  It seems like it’s lots of buttons that are hit not all the time but rather often.  I haven’t figured out a system yet.

And this is coming from a resto druid who totally shifts into kitty form, stealths, pounces, mains, mangles, rakes, etc.  It’s like all that plus 30 more things.  I’m having a hard time.

Found out Deterrence, that annoying Alliance hunter, renamed to Predator – Kaelt’has and got them added to btags.  Also added an alliance monk who also has a mage (Zenira – Echo Isles).  Finally, I’m meeting good Alliance pvpers.

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