2 Trinkets 1 Night

I did flex tonight with Time Lords and wow.  I got TWO trinkets tonight.  Prismatic Prison of Pride (say that 3 times… ) and Nazgrim’s Burnished Insignia.  What with my love of trinkets and all, this is some crazy, insane, luck!

I also have a 2 piece T… 15? or whatever it is now.




PVE healing still bores me to tears though.  What do you mean, nothing is trying to directly kill me, what gives? No arrows in the ass, no rogue shadow-stepping me, nothing?

There are technically rogues in that wing but it’s not the same.

I orginally wanted to dps on Ocyla for this raid, but like most everything, no one ever wants to heal.  But that’s ok because TWO TRINKETS!! Time to work on some VP!


Oh and shamans seems a little ridiculous when Healing Stream Totem is their #2 heal.  Really? Geez.

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