Day 8

Day 8:

While looking at the teleports in Gludio I see one called the Ant Nest and decide to explore.


I find out no herbs drop here and the ants are rather relentless and I quickly run out of MP with not many safe areas to rest for several minutes. Body to mind seems rather inefficient as well since it takes half my hp to recover about 44 mp which is like a single spell.


Perhaps this is more classified as a dungeon, and would require a small party. The healing ball only heals for around 40 which isn’t near enough either. It also doesn’t continually heal even if HP is very low.

Then I spot some really creepy FLYING ants.  They CREEP ME OUT. I die shortly after and return to clan hall.


Then I decide to check out the Ivory Tower near Oren.


The mobs in the pits are red and doable but the adena drops and exp make it not at all worth the risk.

Then I visit the Sea of Spores but a single nuke from the eyes there nearly kills me! Then I notice even though my shots are showing activated, they are not being used.  I click them off and back on again and things go much more smoothly.



Then I come across this odd mob!  She’s troublesome looking but it not marked as a raid boss.


Apparently I got too close.


I go back to Dragon Valley and hit 34, then the servers go down for maintenance.

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