Day 9

Day 9:

I am up to 101k from running around grinding on mobs the other day. I look at the map and notice the extra tabs with more info, and decide to head to the Bee Hive since it’s in my range.


The mobs only take one shot, with shots but the exp seems a lot slower. Furrious, who is proving to be probably the best example of a sponsor EVER says hello, apologizes for the minor childish behavior of other members (I’ve seen much, much worse trust me) and explains about quests being more or less pointless.  Another member pipes in that mages are sort of useless and that money is very hard to get.  I’m noticing that. I made no inquiry for help with money but it comes about that I was not able to afford a pet and he offers to buy me one anyway.  I die here when I get stunned and pick up aggro from 2 mobs at once. The EXP and adena isn’t very good either.


I head back to Dragon Valley/Death Pass and go down a narrow canyon but the mobs are much stronger and require many nukes. I get out of there!  I hit 35 on Fettered Souls and Grandis (Grandi?  Grandises?)


I go back to learn skills and pick up some quests offered in the Temple in Dion. One of the NPCs give me a ton of dimentional diamonds which I can use for town specific SOEs.  Oh hell yes!



I go down to Floran again, making sure I got my PK buff and start killing things.  THEN! I get an actual for real drop, a Tunic of Knowledge!  I mention this in clan and someone offers to make cheap shots for me.  So nice!


I do some more quests, sell of some useless stuff and I am up to 188k but out of shots again. I buy some more,  exp some more and hit 36.  I “ding” this in clan chat and Furrious helpfully mentions I can do the Pailaka so I feign confusion and ask where that is (since I wrote the guide for the FT and high level one).  He says Gludin and that it is very hard for mages.  This is very true I remember.

I see a lot of this as well in towns, this one just made me laugh.


I take a break.

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