Day 10

Day 10:

I decide to go try the pailaka that Furrious told me about.


I pick up 2,000 soulshots since I recall those would have been useful even with a staff in the kamas which only runs me like 18k, which is ridiculously unfair because the same amount of b sps would have cost me like 5x that.


The mobs are fairly easy with nukes though. I get a really cool heal! Why don’t my heals look like this?


I rest before the second boss since the first one nearly pwned my face.


Then after all that, the mob just stood there and let me nuke it to death and did nothing! uh lol?


The fire one does the same thing!


However the last boss proves almost un-damageable and with 10 minutes left I die and completely out of MP I find I have to do the entire thing over again.  It takes me nearly that entire time to regen all my MP!  Then I realize I have a weight penalty again and I only get about 4 mp every few seconds, I sell some mithril wire I acquired from somewhere, I’m up to 208k and now regen 8 per, which is not super great but better.

I go back and this time the mobs do not bug out and I die over and over.  Then I get a death penalty which costs me 6k to cure, not to mention I am out of shots again after gaining 0 adena in there. Then the dungeon expires again.  I give up, this is clearly a waste of time and/or impossible on a wizard. At this level anyway.  (I’m serious, I couldn’t do it even un-noobing and buying shots, pots, popping the pailaka pots, and summoning my cat with shots and buffs.  Total BS)  I say hello to Furrious who has logged on and I gripe about the pailaka in typical semi-noob fashion and he suggests I wait until 40 and C grade.  I’m not sure I can afford it, as I went down to 104k during that little mess, but it’s certainly sound advice.

I go back to Hardin’s and start grinding (which is boring as hell), which seems to be the only reliable way to get cheap exp and actually earn some money.  The mobs show their displeasure by bubbling what seems like more than EVER. Sigh. Zouboulis gives me some advice for my pailaka trouble and offers prophet buffs for next time I go.  I don’t plan on it until 40 though. He (I always assume he) says I can borrow +16 duals for the last boss and it will be easy. 16 at D or C grade IMO is still very impressive and generous.


I hit 37, and log out.

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