Alligator Beach

I log back in and decide to visit Heine as I haven’t been there before, and the map tells me 38+ mobs can be found on an alligator beach.  It is very pretty.


I port out and see some alligators.


They are BIG!


I haven’t seen any players in a while, though.  It also occurs to me I have not gotten another drop or seen any quests that provide me with a gear upgrade. I hit 38, and get a message this time from Captain Gosta about another Kamaloka.

My inventory is overloaded with junk at this point so I clean out my WH and check the buy shops in Giran. The items do not show the NPC price on the items themselves so first I compare to the NPC shops.

Ori Ore: 1,500
Stone of Purity: 1,500
Coarse Bone Power: 750
Cord: 162
Cokes: 600
Iron: 100
Silver Nugget: 250
Braided Hemp: 250
Leather: 450
Coal: 100
Animal skin: 75
Vanish: 100
Charcoal: 100
Stem: 50
Suede: 150
Animal Bone: 150

I have under 50 of each, in some cases only 3-4 of each of those items. I have 135k to my name right now.

I see in some cases, buy shops are trying to buy these materials for less than (or barely over) npc cost, such as a shop buying animal bone for 111 adena, stones of purity for 1,000, etc. That hardly seems worth it when it took 38 levels to only gather a few!  I decide not to sell right now.

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