Day 11

Day 11:

I check my map again and decide to head to Plains of the Lizardmen and see how that exp is. That works out quite well, though every time I log in I get reminded by Captain Gosta about another kama.  You’d think those would be more worthwhile in the adena department if they are pushed so hard.


I still cannot afford a pet, as I am at 196k and nearly out of shots again.


at 5% to level I run out of shots, and discover leveling on white mobs without them is slow and painful and takes nearly twice as many nukes. I double check my skills but I find I have no damage absorbing shields, no roots, no freezing skills, snares, teleports, invisibility, etc to make life easier.  I do have a slow, though.

I hit 39, and just in time as I have nearly no HP, no MP, no shots, and my buffs ran out 10 minutes ago anyway.  I have to log for server maintenance.

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