Out of shots I head to Dion to find some more but no shops have loaded yet.  I scan through my quest list and see a level 39 which is in Dion Temple, right near where I ported. Someone in clan posts they are “poor” with 9 million adena and in my noobish venting I post my sad little pile of adena and cry asking how anyone makes money in this game.


The clan leader, Danhadouha, says you make money from drops.  I ask what drops, the stem and thread I get in abundance?  He links a water stone which he says goes for 3 mill.  Playing stupid again I ask when those drop.  He says 78+ to which I comment “good lord”. I stop griping and talk to Bard Rukal and he says something about my inventory being too full, so I sell some things, get up to 228k adena, then have to pick up shots and drop back down to 172k. This quest promises a whopping 186,077 adena! OMG . I make my way through this quest.


Casian says to visit three places, which doesn’t give me pointers but says silly things like checking near a “puddle” by Giran.


Sigh.  Before I scroll out Danhadouha asks what I’m doing to which I say the magus quest and he asks if I can take a break and go to Aden WH.  I say ports are free why not. I get my first look at Aden town.


and then the clan leader, what a handsome guy!


He trades me, a +4 Homunkulus with acumen, Necklace of Mermaid, 2 Earrings of Binding, 2 Rings of Ages, Karmian Robes, Stockings, Boots, Gloves, Full Plate Helmet, and between him and SokolatakiMou, another 886 C crystals, and over 9k C bsps! He also says once I graduate if I want clan to let him know.  Nice!  I mean seriously really nice, how many clans want a scrubby “big bag of free points” (Emina Olympiad quote) in their alliance?

Anyway, I look at the map and the only thing remotely resembling a puddle is about here, and lucky enough I find the flower girl things around Fellmere lake.


And near the “puddle”


Then on my way buzzing through Oren I see someone looking for people in my level range for a kama, I join on it.

In the meantime I head to Ivory Tower but I do not see anything called “the Gods falls” on the map but I do see  a waterfall. I run that way. Sure enough that’s what it’s called.


Then I head to Dion to do the 36 kama.  I use 500 odd shots to get 29%, no adena no drops.  Hardly seems worthwhile.  Looting rules appear to be a free for all where whoever get it, keeps it, and doesn’t share.  Sharing seems exceptional in kamas and raids I’ve noticed.

Anyway IronAirRaid states that he had been in my alliance, as IronDuals, but “neme” lost it and kicked him for stupid reasons.  I said I’ve only been around for about a week. He states that “shes a jerk”.  (While I suppose that is a possibility, I’ve never seen anyone kicked “for stupid reasons” in all the time I’ve been playing)


This kama is just like an earlier boring one, tanking and spanking with an add that shows up periodically, unannounced, practically within the original mob which makes it hard to target.  Total snooze fest.

I go back to Rukal at this point and this amazing jerk makes me basically repeat the wizard first class change all over again!! UGH. There are no pointers this time. (I want to shoot myself in the leg attempting a class change quest again, let me tell you what)  The quest gives absolutely no progress status on any of the sub steps the elementals give.


I have not seen any players out and about while hunting in quite a while now.


Now I’m at 198k and out of shots again, so back down to 169k. I only buy 500 since I am nearly 40 and have shots waiting.


I discover even low level mobs continue to chase and harrass me for long distances.


In fact, skeletons I dropped off at the Water Undine some hours back are STILL standing there.  Weird!

I laboriously run around to all the elements again, turn in my quest and ding 40! I now have about 372k which should just be enough for a pet, assuming I still need one at this point.


Furrious is not on for me to tell him I hit 40 so I take a break, tired anyway.

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