Day 12

Day 12:

I log on and tell Furrious I have hit 40, he says he noticed, asked if I did the quests.  I state that I did Magus already.  He says he’ll give me 3 mill and I can skip the quests or not. I’d rather give myself third degree burns than do Scholar ever again (I don’t like Trust either) but I just said cool and remarked about how long Magus was. (Magus is actually one of the better 2nd class change quests tho).  I tell him I’m going to try to finish the Forgotten Temple Pailaka now.

Clearly, the karmian set bonus and the acumen sword make me so much faster it’s not even funny compared to clan robes. It goes MUCH BETTER. He wisely says “when u got the gear all is easy” which really sums up this entire game.


I rip through the bosses like nothing this time. I also ask if I should mail him back the staff and jewelry and he says he’ll ask Zouboulis.



The final one gives me next to no trouble and I’m awarded with an earring, ring, which are on par with my C grade ones, enough EXP to hit 41 and no adena.  What’s up with no adena all the time? :/


Speaking of adena, now that I’m 40 apparently the free ports gig is up and now I’m being charged to move between towns.  My adena situation is hardly better, at 371k at 41. There is no choice but to pay though.

Furrious asks me to come to clan hall again then gives me 3 mill adena, and says I can keep it or do the quick class change, “either way its urs”.  That’s very nice! (I’m serious when I say I’d give anything to never, ever had to do Trust or Scholar EVER AGAIN)


I head off to Daeger in Giran and watch with some amusement some banter between Furrious and Perkaset on whether or not Furrious deserves “sama” after his name or not. Perka says Furrious is “sistering” which they explain is a Greek term. They say they all love each other however so it’s safe to say it’s all a bunch of friendly ribbing.


I continue on with the quests and Helvetia, who is a jerk apparently, wants 3 million adena and even though she has an option for asking for a credit, it doesn’t work. I have to pay the 3 mill. I notice that even though an NPC might be waiting, checking on something, creating something, they never move or anything.  Sorta dumb.

Anyway I get 1 million back because I already did Magus from the Black Marketeer of Mammon.


I class change to Warlock!


Shortly after Furrious pm’s me asking about the change, got a gratz out of that, and says that Danha (the leader) went afk but I can get an invite after that.  My curiosity gets the better of me and I express surprise that a big clan would want a noobler in the first place.  He says they are taking good players, dedicated.

I tell him I could very well “be stupid” and he says “we gave u gear and u didn’t run away”.  I ask if people do that and he replies “a lot”.  I say that is awful (which it is) and he says at least d grade is cheap.  (well, it is, but leaving is still a dick move IMO)  I say not many clans would even do that so it’s nice they try to make the best of it.  He says not a people are left on the server so “we ve got to try”.  I point out his earlier title of “at least I try” as being appropriate but he says irisflower did that not him.  Still, it fit well I think.

I ask about what l2 sites are good and it comes about that l2 stratics, l2blah, and my site, but says mine doesn’t work any more. So I have to fess up about my little project, me, my site,  etc etc 🙂

And really, a big thank you to Furrious, easily the best sponser a real noob could wish for, San, Sama,etc XD !  Clan Argonautes, Alliance Ephix, Clan Lord Danhadouha, Bartz server.  There are still good people in the game 🙂


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