“They chose death”

I watch World Defense so much I often know what is happening at locations before I even get there.  Spam like this means someone is attacking the Alliance airship.


I killed this warlock, then a warrior, who managed to leap off the side… and half a second later died to my bleeds, and got to watch his corpse fall nearly a thousand yards to the ground.


The warlock came back, with the warrior, and both chose to bail off the side before dying to me again.

An amused monk commented “they chose death, lol”, speaking of their death leaps.



Spam at Nijel’s Point is USUALLY lower level Horde not knowing they are heading into an Alliance camp.  I usually just CC them until they get the point and leave.


Halaa these days seems to be just PVErs trying to get the mount.   I miss the Thunderhorn people fighting just to fight.


This guy was fun too.  Killed him at Honor Hold, and he tried to fly off.  I hit him with a moonfire as he left, and decided to follow.  Rather unwisely he tried to drop flight form and TRIED to instantly fly again.  Either he borked that up, or my moonfire prevented it, I am not sure, but he crashed to his death on the ground.  I couldn’t help but laugh.

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