Tracking for the Non-Tracker

The best tracker for finding other players, is a hunter.  Humanoid tracking at all times, hands down the best.   Druid comes in second but you must be in cat form to do it, which means losing it when in travel or flight form.

Yes, there is food that will make it like a hunters tracking called Blackened Worg Steak,  but barring that this is what you get.  But what if you don’t have the food, or aren’t a druid or hunter.  This is how I handle it.

World Defense, or Local Defense messages.  You’ll need to know, or do a quick search if you don’t know, where the zone is that is being attacked.  Icecrown, Valley of Lost Hope, The Bombardment, and so on getting attacked more than likely means someone is beating up the Alliance (or horde) airship for example.

Running with the choice of the airship, what do you do when you get there.  Well if you don’t SEE anyone, first listen.  GladiatorLoSA should start talking if you have it, if someone is doing something, or you can hear sounds of combat.  Yes, I play with game sounds on, always.  At the same time,  look for npc bodies.  That will point you in the direction of the hunted.



Assuming they haven’t stealthed or left, you should find someone at this point.


Or, WHERE are the guards running?  They will give chase for a decent amount of time, just follow them.

Catching them is often another story, and why I love Engineering.  LOVE IT.  My example for today, again on the airship, when I opened on a mage.  He ran and jumped off the side of the ship, with Slowfall.  No worries, I lept off after him, blasting moonfire to keep him in combat, and maybe land a kill.  BUT, that keeps ME in combat, no instant flight form, whoops.  That’s ok, hit Goblin Glider near the ground, continuing with moonfire (or some other instant cast skill). KEEP THEM IN COMBAT.  They can’t mount that way.

Then continue the chase until someone dies.

Of course occasionally you don’t have to do any of that, and One with Nature right into a level 100 paladin.  Sorry man.




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