That’s My Thing… and Everybody Knows it

I ran some random bgs with Khaleesi and Goofin (think that’s how it’s spelled) since we all traded battletags together.  Also readded Jugga, and got Paetheus on my list.

I also did some random bgs with Predator and had someone call me “a gd animal”.  I had 100% wins in all those groups.


Now that I’ve been keeping Fraps loaded at all times, I have more video of pvp posted rather than screenshots.  Usually! Horde has been hitting poor Farmer Saldean more than EVER though.


and a group of about 7 horde tried to raid Stormwind.  That didn’t go so well.  All that being said, I have “a thing” when I’m out in the world.

1)  I will typically not attack anyone under 95, unless it will prevent them from killing quest npcs.

2)  I will keep killing Horde in my zones until they give up, or make life so hard on me that I leave.  Otherwise, no mercy!

3)  It’s a PVE server, I WILL spawn camp.  You shouldn’t have been causing trouble.  Or learn to unflag.

4)  I won’t rage-tell anyone, ever.  If they start it though, I’ll match their tone.

5)  I don’t troll for responses but I may do some minor flirty RP.


I never though of myself as an RPer, though, until Predator mentioned it.  I don’t have elaborate back-stories or anything but I will tell people to get out of “my town” or “my Halaa”, and leave “my NPCs alone”.  I like faction pride.


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