Day 16

Day 16:

Quiet day, more than likely most people preparing for work the next day or morning.  I hit 46 and head back to Heine to turn in my quest items. I have received 136 Alligator teeth and some mysterious maps. The teeth earn me 40,620 which isn’t too awful for doing a  boring grind anyway.  I show Warehouse Keeper Kluck the map fragment and he turns it into a Pirate’s Treasure Map. He says this is tied to Zaken, the legendary pirate. Oooh, I like that!

I go talk to Trader Espen about it and he offers me 1,000 adena for it, which sounds like a sucker deal.  He tells me a story about Zaken, Muska and a lady named Fatima from “Abella” which is clearly a misprint of Avella, wherever that is. How long has this game been out? Anyway the quest says this is a CAPTAINS treasure so damn, this should be good. (non-noob note, this is probably my favorite quest in the entire game)

While I’m at it I call out for a 46 kama but I don’t see anyone at all in town here.

I pick up a Thief Key from Trader Payel for 1,350 and then search my inventory for the Pirate’s Treasure Map it says I have received. It’s not anyone, not in quest or anything. Hm.. I check the quest tracking THEN it shows up, how weird.


I head out there and start drowning before I reach THE SHARKS.


I received 500 adena (really?), an enchant armor C, Greater Dye of DEX +1 -3 CON, and Musical Score Theme of Love. I put the EAD on my tunic, and it gives me 1 whole P.Def.  That… is not very impressive.

I swim back, again noting though my head is clearly above water I am still taking water damage.


The dyes give me something to think about though.  As I’m leaving the area I see some sieges have finished and a message “The war for has been declared.”.  Um, ok?  Engrish prease?  It’s late, I take a break.

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