Day 17

Day 17:

I head out to AI again and hit 47, collecting 182 teeth in the process and 25 map pieces. As I’m out here I see something called Exterminator yell “Drive Device entire destruction moving suspension”.  Again, what? No idea what that’s about. (really, no idea)

I head back to town after leveling and talk to Trader Pele who has a Buy Dyes link.  Apparently you need 10 of each and even the “cheap” +4 -5 ones would run me like 460k.  Had I not received funds from Furrious, I would not be able to afford this, as my minus one million adena count is currently  at 410k.  Besides spending 1/3rd of ones entire income, sugar daddy or no is, IMO, unwise. However, these dyes should last me basically forever so I bite the bullet and get the WIT one (+4 WIT – 5 MEN). Then the application fee is another 258,000 adena.  That really, really puts a dent in my funds.

I run into this pimp looking chap along the way!


Oh, I am so spoiled and get more D crystals! <3

Keep in mind should someone have remained clanless and friendless (or ran into a bunch of stingies) this entire time, they would either not be able to afford the dyes at all, or would have purchased them and not have enough to actually use them.

Zouboulis sees me milling around town like an idiot and helps me find the Adventurer’s Guide for buffs. I head to Frozen Lab again and find a spawn area with 3 mobs that spawn with regularity and let Kai go at it.


The binding cubic appears to fire a lot but never land.


as buffs run again I take a break and head to Heine to turn in my quest.  This time I get 50,740 and have enough for 2 maps though you can turn them into maps at once, you can only do the end leg of the quest one at a time. Which is a nuisance considering Heine’s layout.

First turn in I get 1,300 adena and a Theme of Love. Seeing that it costs 2,100 just to port to Alligator Island this is not a great deal.  Plus the key costs about that. Next pass was 800 adena, EAD, and the theme of love.  Bleh.  I log off for the day.

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