Day 18

Day 18:

I head out to AI again and hit 48. I go back to Heine and turn in my teeth for 24k this time and one map.  I learn a few skills before I run out of sp, and still have many to go. I turn in the treasure map quest and get 2 moonstones and another crappy dye, +1 dex – 3 con. Moonstones are only 750 each and the dye is 6k.

I start lagging like crazy after SOEing to clan hall in Schuttgart, so after getting sweet buffs from this person with the very fine bowler hat, I log out for maintenance.


Later when I log back in I receive a message from Captain Mouen of Oren about a kama again.  On my way out of the hall I get buffed within an inch of my life from Nefe and run into Zouboulis and say hello!


I exp a bit at Frozen Lab and get a GIANT head. I also get a Life Stone level 55 from here, first drop in ages.


As far as I can tell though, the head…  it doesn’t really help anything. Once buffs run, since for some reason player buffs don’t last anywhere near the amount of time NPC buffs from the adventurer do (which is dumb) I decide to head back to Dragon Valley and grab the quest I saw from Gilmore way back before I hit 40. This quest doesn’t earn exp, either.

It occurs to me, for the most part, one cannot see players anywhere but in towns. I kill MANY mobs before I get to some that drop quest items. No herbs drop either, at least not until deeper in the valley.  While I’m out and about I run through about 13 keys opening Treasure Chests but they are still a complete waste of time, either attacking, fading away, or giving adena I would have gotten from a level 20 mob.  Probably better of selling the keys.

The blood sword drops!  Well, not to me, somewhere far away.


I go farther down into the valley.


Exp seems to be slower and my vitality is completely gone now.  Maybe I should play less? I am getting, .1 PER MOB.  This is deathly brutal and slow and I’m only 48. I earn a respectable 107 items for my quest and receive 6,420, which totally SUCKS compared to the AI quest! My gosh.

I go to Oren in hopes of maybe mixing it up with a raid or a kama and I check the party matching system.  I’m not really sure this is what it was for.


There is nothing in my level range listed. I think maybe people don’t use this.


I run over and talk to Captain Mouen since I’m here and the quest he gives rewards  100,000 adena.  At my level that’s ehhhh not very much.  Of course, that’s not very much at level 10, either. That’s like what, 1-2 ports?  I yell if anyone wants to do a 53 kama but no response and really, there’s hardly anyone around in town in the first place. I log for the day.

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