Day 19

Day:  19

I head to Frozen Lab and it seems even red mobs are not so hard here. Plus with Kai melee-ing, they do not bother bubbling at all or he breaks it soon as it’s cast.  That’s handy.

Today I receive common item, zubei’s gaiters!  It suits me not at all and I get grade penalty anyway.


I try the binding cubic again since I’m leaning more towards healing Kai than nuking myself and it still appears to never actually land. I get my first vit herb in a while, which is good because I’m back to Vit 1 already. I earn back to 2 before it wears off.


Then I’m back to 1 in 2 mobs.  Oh well. At 96% I get another Vit herb, yay!  And a Recipe: Kaim Vanul’s Bones 60%.  Percent crafts, ewww. I hit level 49.

I head out to Aden Cemetary and take a hot one when Kai aggros too many mobs and I can’t get off my lazy butt fast enough to heal.  Then I die too.

I PM Danha and say hello and ask if that recipe is worth anything, and no probably not. We agree that without friends in this game you are basically flat out of luck for money and gear and supplies. This is truth!

I get another 20% then take a break.

A little later I remember to sign up for catas after getting a party invite from Adanedhel21 but I’m about at my exping limit for now so I log for the day.  I’m at 0 vit too.


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