Day 20

Day 20:

I head to Outlaw Forest where the exp is good and I rather like the mobs here.


I get a level 52 lifestone!  I’m noticing that Kai’s attacks are nearly on par with my own nukes now too.


I see my binding cubic work for the FIRST TIME! My gosh.  I hit 50, spend a little time in vent listening to Nefe’s music.  I really, really need to let vit get back to 4.

Later we gather a group for a 53 kama with me, CollieBudz, xCrazyWhiteBoyx, and Pokeyman.  BD, bishop, warlock, and TH (pretty sure).


I die once but otherwise no other deaths and we get it down.


I re-ding my level 50 and it drops 6 Great Pata Blades which Collie gets and nothing else.  My binding cubic actually para’d it once too! I log out!

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