This is MY SHIP

I went out to Icecrown today to see who was attacking the airship, and I ran into a 100 alliance paladin standing by an 80 something horde DK, with the DK killing npcs.  I killed him.  The paladin called me a meanie.  I said some rude things.

The DK came back, I typhooned him off.  The ground did all the work.   Paladin called me mean again.   Ok.  I know this.

I informed the paladin that he was a traitor and if I could I’d kill him too.  Yeah ok I kind of RP sometimes.  He wanted to duel over control of the area. Sure!


and it was decided the boat is mine by fair combat.


Shortly after, btag invite (Merlant, Jowalsh79) and request for arena.  He seemed confused I have 0 rating.  I kind of like that way.  People who die to me in wpvp got no rating to throw in my face, literally.

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