He got me!


Due to some weird skill related lag, where I couldn’t get off a Rip or a proc’d healing touch, Unlimitedwar did kill me once today.  Not entirely unexpected, his gear is better now and me failing like hell didn’t help.  I killed him after though.


Getting a little tired of people bitching about things not going their way because it’s a chick though. I’ve heard like 3x this week about “that’s not fair she’s a girl” or “she’s nice, stop that” I even had a paladin say he was going to bring his 100 horde because I killed his 100  hunter ‘mate’ who was also female.  Because if you win 1v1 100 to 100, going 2v1 is totally fair.


In other news it almost feels like I’m losing people faster than I meet them.  The rogue and warrior I met on Sargeras never login any more, the alliance rogue I met on my hunter in Crossroads hasn’t been on, the saucy paladin hasn’t been on either, Sealgaer is gone, and probably a few others I can’t recall.  It’s sad.


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