Day 25

This morning I log in to presents from Danhadouha! It is of course, my favorite armor set both for the design and the stats, and because I wore it for like 25 levels back in the day on Kain. Anyway!  This is REALLY AWESOME as I understand some BW parts are really hard to get, which is a shame!


I sent the C grade armor and my thanks, back to him and go back to Outlaw Forest.  I get a level 52 life stone drop. Today my hills are busy with 2 other players so I move slightly and start picking up quest items for Warehouse Keeper’s Pastime, which I forgot I picked up in Oren a while back. I also get a mid grade 55 LS. at 70% I decide to take a break and head back to Oren and talk to the WH keeper. I only received 15 metals in my time out so I pick my numbers and win nothing! Yay! I log out for now.


Back in later I hit 54 then make another 10% trying to get 20 medals for that quest. I had picked up the Vit buff too. Kai is almost up so I go back to town, learn skills, I get nothing the first turn in, and an Enchant weapon C the next! Not bad! I don’t dare try to OE my weapon though anyway it’s already +4 and it’s not mine to begin with. I break for the day.

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