You sound familiar

I ran into an enh shaman named Oltar (Kash) on Friday who we kept fighting in between AV battles.  Me, Squeektoy and a DK I’m not familiar with.  They added me to btags and we talked a lot, but I swear they sounded a lot like a rogue I use to know.  Even down to a few phrases.

Ocyla 10:19 PM
just dirty enhancement shaman?
Kash 10:19 PM
We have healing rain, we’re clean 🙂
Ocyla 10:21 PM
I don’t know, you have that pig-penesqe whirlwind of dirt too!
Kash 10:21 PM
Excusssseee me princess, thats how we dry our gorgeous hair after getting out of the rain!
Says the filthy cat
Ocyla 10:23 PM
you didn’t just quote the zelda cartoon did you? I may like you.  Just a little.
Kash 10:23 PM
Heh 😛
Ocyla 10:24 PM
Kash 10:24 PM
Its only a amtter of time, everyone who ganks me ends up liking me in the end, it’ll happen to you too, you know.
Ocyla 10:25 PM
that doesn’t mean I won’t still bite!
Kash 10:25 PM
Wouldn’t have it any other way 😉


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