Ashes of Al’ar, on Accident

Moosumz had linked me a new transmog for my druid, which required getting the chest from Kael’thas.  I don’t clear him on a regular basis, we use to do it with Time Lords but that has stopped.  I got my chest, but then also, wait, no way?



Really I’ve been lucky.  My mounts seem to follow a pattern.


The drake from Stonecore was on the BMAH, I bid in error on an invite, and lost 30k.  A GM gave it back.  I went to Stonecore after on a whim and boom, the mount dropped.

Grumpus mount was sought after during the Winter Veil event.  I grumbled about leveling my priests garrison to 3 so just I could do the quests.  Did the quests, got the savage gift, boom Grumpus mount.

Now the Ashes thing. Crazy!

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