Way of the Warrior

I pick up where I was on the Way of the Warrior quest and hit 11 shortly after killing a few mobs. I finish the weapon quest, which is useless because the shadow weapons are still better, talk to the newbie guide and hit 15.  I am up to 62k adena now.

Then I get a little irked when a quest tells me to go to Mimir’s Forest, yet the pointer isn’t really anywhere near it.


I get a few items, see it’s unlimited then run back to the newbie area again.  Someone really should switch that quest to another npc because the run back to the starter cave 7+ times is irritating. I finish that, talk to the newbie guide and I’m 18. I ave 76k adena.  I get the message from Captain Bathis from Gludio about the Kamas too. I see two more players running about.  I check at the trainers since I haven’t learned anything in a while.

I am able to learn all my skills with SP to spare.


I head to Gludin and pick up the warder quest.  These mobs are all non-quest mobs so I can get drops and exp/sp from them.

11euronoob 10euronoob

I get sent to Gludio and run back and forth a bit as per usual with most quests.


Gobie appears to be standing around in her underwear. I get sent back and forth then off to kill more things.

14euronoob 13euronoob


then I finally class change to warder, hit 20, and I’m currently at 160k adena.


I am left with some 13k shots that I won’t be able to use at D grade; there really should be some kind of shot upgrade to D for free at this point. I learn all my skills with Sp to spare again. Change weapon does not work on shadow items. I can however, use my fancy kamael skills now.


Leveling is suddenly slow as heck, like 1-2% a mob even at Vit 4. I hit 21 anyway. I go back to Gludio and spend some time calling out for a 23 kama but get nothing.  Of course the stupid Olympiad manager generally spams my request off the screen as soon as I make it.  I take a break.

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