Veteran Noob 2 – Day 1

This time you know and I know I already know how to play, but I again just want to see how things go as a new person so I’m going to lay off the “just born yesterday” effect 😉

Day 1:

Created a new kamael charater and noted another new player with me right off the bat.  I get to 3 just wacking the goblins though it nearly takes me to death fighting without healing 3-4 of them. Maybe it’s unique to me but I see the old issue is still there where you target one mob, then switch to another and F key an attack and it flips to the first mob. I hate that. I hit 4 and leave the starter area.


I get a Magic ring right away from a Grey Elpy. Then another! Woo!  Apparently these are jackpot mobs and I also get an Apprentice Earring as well. I get 5 and get another earring. Then a Necklace of Magic!



Fully jewelry equipped I trip my way down to town. (It should be noted that all starter areas have mobs that drop all the jewelry, they just always aren’t where you might happen to go) I obtain a few more magic items along the way.

I speak to an NPC in the Kamael Guild then talk to the Gatekeeper and get a scroll of Giran but I don’t want to go anywhere just yet. I’m noting no other players in this town currently. This is where the game would benefit greatly from the question mark/exclamation mark system WoW has where you can clearly see quest npcs and turn ins on the map.  I’m sure other games use it to but I play Wow too, ok?.

I see another playing running the same quests as I. I end up with a helm, boots, gloves, and top and bottom.  Wow, I am practically fully equipped at level 6. I run back to the Newbie Guide, grab my buffs, and my weapon coupons and trade them all in for a dagger right away.


I pick up the [url=]next newbie quest[/url] and take a long boring walk down to the mob area, which is on the map.


Clearing mobs along the way gets me level 7. I grab my skills at the conveniently placed masters at Stronghold I and get nearly every skill, as they are all cheaply priced in SP.

Now I get little glowy things drawn to me on every kill but still cannot use  my Fallen Attack or Fallen Arrow.  Apparently it requires NOT a dagger. I should L2R.  I hit 8 just clearing mobs to where I’m going again. Muertos appear to be cousins or something, it’s creepy killing them.


I SOE back to town. Turn in my quest, hit 8, run the newbie guide, get 10. That last quest was profitable after only a few items, I’m at 13,079 already.

I go to talk to Kekropus only he has a giant list of quests to choose from for whatever reason.  Not just ones available to me. I have to close out of a ton of windows telling me the quest doesn’t apply to me first. Getting the direction arrow often requires opening the quest list first. I see another player on my way back to this one.

Heading back and forth from this quest I find a pair of Pants free for the taking and grab them. I see another new player, this time a light elf.

Back at the original cave that same new player is still wacking away at the same mobs.  Either they are really dumb or someone is botting early.

In town I see a tagged person hanging out, someone in devotion. This quest is pissing me off with all it’s back and forth running already. I see a high level player run past as I head back to town for the millionth time. Kekropus tells me to go to the Hills of Gold, which I’ve already been to like 20 times to get some claws. Ugh. I take a break.

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