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Well I guess the days can kind of be stopped now that my main and alts are all on the same server as the rest of my clan 🙂

I log in as AmberDrake (77 cardinal and all that) to look around, I notice the clan is at peace, level 10, and my rank is Count.  The base is Swamp Fortress, and I am in the main clan Argonautes!

I shoot over to Aden and ask about the clan hall I heard they got but they said it was a mistake by NCsoft that they did not receive it, and currently are still out 2.1 billion adena.  Apparently it hasn’t been returned to the clan. I check one of the Aden halls and it looks like the GMs still have them locked down since the one I looked at is owned by NCsoft40 lord of the NCsoft40 clan. Curious to see how that will be handled.

While I’m messing around I keep seeing spam by “Gloomy Baby White Tiget Matriarch” spamming all kinds of stuff like “I feel kind of sleepy” and “roar my body feels light as a feather”.  Sort of obnoxious.

I forgot I’ve left my majestic robes on my SE but you and I both know my gear is brutally behind in the times so it hardly matters, still wearing DC robes 😀 Ah well. The server does seem a lot more active and I’ll have to give actual exping a go when I get some free time.

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