Day 35

Logged in this morning and said hello to Zoub and Furrious and the rest of clannies on before maintenance.  I tried to summon Kai the cat but it tells me I don’t have the required items.  Ok then, Furrious sends me C crystals and notes that he has been unable to sell them.  Same message about required items.  Clearly I haven’t been reading all of my updates so I check my skills and the summons now take Spirit Ore.


I think well at least I can craft my C bsps right?  Well, I’m told that would be pointless because you can buy those same shots for 54 adena in Oren, 56 in Schuttgart and crafted would be 100.  Sooo, what DO lower level dwarves craft to make money now?


I buy more ore, but I still have plenty of shots and head out to Fields of Massacre.  I am at max vitality still but I earn about .2 per white mob and .3 per yellow and pink mobs.  The trees and green slugs in this area are less dangerous at .2 per mob, and the Doom Knights and related skeletons are yellow and pink to me, but more dangerously social aggro because they stun.  I have to heal Kai quite a bit since the stun allows the Doom Knights to wack away freely up to 3+ times assuming I didn’t also aggro anything else.


I go from 2% to 15% and not altogether pleased at the leveling speed at 59.  .3 at harder mobs at max vit is bogus, let’s be honest.  Maybe I’m just in a “bad” area? I log out for the maintenance.

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