“That’s the last time I waste time fighting them”



Stormpike Militia beat Yaga’s Hydra group a few weeks ago.  He stopped his stream and tried to delete it, but I had loaded the prior version before that happened, and was able to save all audio and all video save about 10 minutes at the start which ended up blank for some reason.  We got to listen to, and see him type that he was never doing to fight us again.  It was a very popcorn occasion.

They decided that night to send in a scout before each game, if they see us there, that person deserts and they requeue so they have no chance of fighting us.  We have no way to counter because our queues are so long.


WE.  WON!!

But that’s not good enough, we want to queue into them repeatedly and smash their faces.  Thanks to them being dirty snakes though, I don’t think we can.  It’s unfortunate.


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