Day 6

Day 6:

I say hello in clan and one person says hi back. Ralin is not on but LightofAka is. I shout in Dion for like 10 minutes asking for a 33/36 kama, no takers, went to Giran and repeated. No luck there.  I PM Light if this is a good time for kamas and he confirms it is. He says he has to go afk.


I get a party with Shaktii and Makaan who is the same person and we chat a bit about the game.  I say I’m new and ask what’s the best char, they ask for what, PVP or PVE, I say PVP.  They say tanks are good but everyone has their uses.  I ask if it’s pretty balanced and they say “very”.  They explain about overhit at the end and even though I am spamming both of my overhit skills one after another, they say “STOP” repeatedly  and say I didn’t get the overhit.

Needless to say it’s next to impossible to see where the mobs life is, expanded bar or no, without %’s or at least numbers.  I grumble about this in my head.  I apologize saying I thought spamming the skills would be enough and they say it’s ok and it’s just a game.  It sure is.  I make 89% on that. They kindly give me the 2 Hoplon’s that dropped, and the EAD saying I need it more than they.  Very thoughtful!

I ask the same kind of questions I did on the Bartz test about how to exp, if anyone does raids, if I should be doing anything better, etc.  I’m told I should do kamas (which I already did), that getting a raid would be very hard, and I “could do” quests but solo is best.  Solo in a MMORPG, yeah that’s fun.  I’m not saying they are wrong, I’m just saying solo is not fun.  They recommend I solo outside of Forgotten Temple or deep inside.  I have 125k, I have 2,300 shots, I’m pretty set for a bit.

I head to Forgotten Temple and remark that it’s pretty, but let’s be honest, the EXP sucks and it’s 2x mobs.  I wouldn’t recommend anyone exp in there honestly.

I head outside of it and get easier and better exp.


I’m still a bit burned by the “solo it” thing, whether it’s true or not, and ask when people DO party? Someone claims they have a party at level 13 and ‘any level dude’.  Doubt that. I ask what sites are good for L2 and they recommend PMfun or L2 Stratics.

Then I ask what the academy is for, for new people?  They state it’s for clan points, that when I hit 40 and do the 2nd class changes, I get “expelled” from clan and the clan receives points. Well that comes off as a bit harsh, so I admittedly ask a leading question and ask if I would receive special buffs or something while in it. They say no. I’m not willing to let this go so I say that’s too bad there should be a perk or something (you get extra exp on a referral in WoW for example) and they say I can wear Clan Oath Brig and link it.

I check my clan info and I am not sponsored by anyone.  I ask if I can solo this quest and they said I need to be sponsored by an officer.  I ask how to see this and they say “clan info” and explain about the flags. I am sort of /facepalming about the whole academy thing.  One of the officers logs in and asks who wanted the quest and I say I would like to do it.


ImmortalSamurai does help me get the armor though I am still without a sponsor.

42euronoob 41euronoob

I admit it’s a nice touch to see when your sponsor logs in and out and vice versa.


He says he is going afk.  I see other academy members struggling to get together a kama in Gludio, but I am both not in their level range and I’ve already run the kama.  I go “solo” to 34, sell of my stuff, get up to 218k and take a break.

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