Day 7

I say hi in clan but no response, maybe afk,  15 people logged in currently. Dion is completely out of DSS so I head to Giran and along the way call for a 36 kama and get picked up by Chich, a bounty hunter. There are no shots in Giran either so I make some. About 80k lighter I am around 7,000 DSS richer.

He says we should duo it, and although I know this is going to fail, we try it.


We fail, we both die. I lose level 34. I ask if he wants to get more people and he says no and good luck, and drops party.  Well that’s nice. I head out to Breka Orcs to get my 34 back.

I ask in clan if anyone wants to do 33 kama instead and pick up Reveca, who is also sporting clan oath and what looks like a +4-5 dagger.

I try my best to get the overhit but the point and click movement makes it difficult to land a shot that automatically fires off a regular attack, and stop it before the regular attack lands. Maybe there’s another way.  I say this is next to impossible! This time is a success and it drops 18 EAD, Reinforced Leather Boots, and 139 Iron Boot Designs.  I get all but the boots and offer to split the EADs but they decline.  I hit 35 here.


I must admit I quite like the kamael playstyle so far, the Death Mark debuff, Furious Soul, and the nukes when I need to run from the nasty AOE, etc.

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