Day 9

I log in still in Dion and spend some time calling out for a 33, or 36 kama.  I am 36 at this point.  There are no friends logged in. I say hi in clan and get some hi’s back.

While I’m fruitlessly yelling for a group, I comment in clan that I wish the game had a dungeon finder (like WoW) where people queue up for dungeons and when there are enough participants, they get ported to the dungeon.  No need to stand around and yell, port to other towns to yell, or waste time standing in town.  Immortal says mine is in Dion which I am aware of, but that’s not an automatic grouping.

Anyway after about 15 minutes I pick up MUKENIO a level 39 Orc Raider then I grab GR1goris from clan, a 33 Orc Raider.


Reveca asks if I want to exp and I say after the kama. I notice Seer Flouros always resists the Death Mark. And if you leave the first add on long enough, another will spawn. Anyway it dies and I receive a Helmet, MUKENIO gets a EWD, GR1 get a Hoplon and I get a second Helmet.  I get 79% of a level this time.

Then the two orcs duel! This is the first I’ve seen of it 🙂

49euronoob 48euronoob

They spend a lot of time chasing each other at the end rather than fighting during part of it.


I ask in clan if Reveca wants to party but I pick up GR1 instead and we head to the Ants Nest.


Turns out we’re doing poling, and I quickly remember to let the big scary orc get aggro FIRST. I hit 37 and he has to leave shortly after. I SOE as well as I have no desire to die solo in the middle of all those ants. At some point I see Light log in.


I noobishly announce in clan that I have 3 levels to 40 but they are discussing something else, something about clan halls. My ploy at maybe snagging a quick powerlevel or something fails. I ask in clan if many low levels do catas and Immortal says yep, ask Dion about a kama in my level range.  I say I have already done the kama for today. Since the discussion then ends there, I drop the stupid act I call out in Dion for a cata around level 35. In the meantime I find Light in a shop in Dion. You know, I always rather liked arcana robes on humans, however the pointy shoes are just hilarious.

At any rate, seeing that I never see anyone doing a raid or other exp party besides kamas, and that another person is spamming for a 33/36 kama with no luck, I think my only choice is to solo some more.  I take a break for now.

Later I log in and say hello, Immortal says hi, I say I’m trying for 40 today. I get a smilie face.  I comment that I wish you could do kamas more than once a day and he tells me to use the /instancezone command, which just shows me when I can run it again.  I get about 50% into 37 when I decide that soloing is immensely boring with no one to talk to.

I am also burning through money and shots at a rapid pace either through soloing or the kama, and I’m down to 93k. I sell most of my recent kama drops and get back to 180k.  I go back to Dion and ask if any non-kama parties are going on, but no one replies. I take a break…

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